The Foodhall

Finally! After a long, long, long time in the planning, it’s incredibly exciting to be able to announce the Foodhall’s opening night.

No, this is not a mirage.

I’m ridiculously grateful for this to finally be happening in collaboration with the brilliant women from the Pop Art Theatre at the Maboneng Precinct: Hayleigh, Orly and Shoki – it’s so great to have them be a part of this, and long may it last.

Click on the picture to see all the details.


Email for bookings and enquiries.

11 thoughts on “The Foodhall

  1. Just bought 2 Tedelex Little Lovin fan ovens – with no instructions/manual books – any copies of this available?

    1. I have a copy of the original instruction/recipe book 🙂 If you still require it I could scan and email

  2. May I have your permission to use “discreet hype” in any upcoming English exam if I’m asked to explain the term “oxymoron”?

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