All the better to feed you with.

My name is Jono Hall.  And, to make the internet slightly less about pictures of other people’s babies, here is something about food. And me. And maybe some recipes if you’re lucky.  As a result, managing my expectations has forced me into a delicate regime of self-medication, making pie and rubbing hamsters on my face…

All recipes on this page are mine – developed, cooked and photographed for this blog in my ridiculously small and hopelessly inadequate kitchen.

Oh… and if you’re interested in my other life, click here.


32 thoughts on “About

    1. Flip. Coming from one whose site is about 7 types of awesome, that is a lovely thing to hear. Thank you very much.

      I will try not to sweat uncomfortably from pressure.

  1. i’d like to have your site in between a ciabatta for breakfast, lunch and supper. (with pesto please and some of that merlot you promised).

    totally awesome

    1. I really appreciate that – seems I need to start seeing to a blogroll of my own. As soon as I get over the inherent weirdness I have towards the word ‘blogroll’.

    1. I’ve often asked myself how big the bottle gets. Alas the answer is always lost in a murky haze of stained lips and a headache that would put a post-guillotine Marie Antoinette to shame.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    1. Ha ha! Thanks very much. Although I do wonder if I’ve written myself into sheer stupidity sometimes. Oh dear.

  2. the calamari on sticks will be tried out this weekend!

    simondingle – tweeted – so well I went to have a look as he is kinda picky on what he tweet.

    The best food blog in the world – http://is.gd/cA924 By @dannyrocketer

    1. Simon is seven types of a honeypie and now I’ve got a man-crush on him that will have to be hidden from polite society.

      Let me know how it turns out!

  3. Oh no! You have no email address, which makes for difficult communication. Would you like to do a co-blogoration with me? How about cooking fridays? Where we both make the same recipe on a regular basis? I like cooking recipes and adding little notes about what one should consider when making them.

    1. Totally! That sounds like an excellent experiment. Plus I like the word co-blogoration. It sounds like someone’s getting in a fight.

      Alas I’m going to be away from my kitchen for the next two weeks or so, but otherwise it sounds fun. dannyrocketer@gmail.com

    1. Thanks!! I have to admit I’ve been a tad unproductive on this here little corner of the internet – but that’s going to change. As soon as I’ve had these seven cups of coffee.

  4. Hi Jono,

    I am part of Origin, the artisan coffee roastery based in Cape Town. Would it be possible to have your email address? We would love to share our big news with you and send you some coffees to taste every once in a while (and write about it, if you like it that is).
    You can email me your contact details at originartisancoffeeroasters@gmail.com
    That would be awesome.

    Thanks a lot!

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